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Cups, Bottles, & Other Drinkware

Around here we unofficially call our collection of stainless steel tumblers, pint glasses, bottles, wine glasses, and other drinkware the ‘Shoreham Collection’, mainly cause if you can’t use it on the porch on Shoreham Drive here in Pittsford, it really just doesn’t fit in with our approach to life.

I mean sure, you can use the bottles at sporting events to keep cool and hydrated, the kids might drink juice out of the wine cups when spending a day on the beach, and our 20oz tumblers keep coffee hot just as well as they keep that happy hour cocktail cold - but from our bottles to our cups to our tumblers and everything in between, our drinkware is ingrained with a long tradition of of porch sitting and camp fire lounging, just relaxing on the block outside with family and good friends.

So grab one for yourself today and enjoy whatever kind of beverage you enjoy most. Just make sure you enjoy it outside. With someone. Then do it again tomorrow too. And every day after that. Happy porching. 

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